Are you looking for an educational speaker who practices what he preaches, who has been in the trenches and is proven to be effective?

Are you looking for a program that will leave the participants talking, thinking, and reflecting on about what they've just experienced?

Do you want your staff energized with knowledge that they can readily apply?

Joe Vilcheck of Mindcheck Motivation is an award-winning teacher who truly “teaches how he wants to be taught.”  He is a teacher of at-risk teens who uses his energy to reach all of his students.  

Joe now wants to share his strategies with you.  

“Joe approaches teaching with a mission to have all students learn in his classes.”
-Winner of 2013 Correctional Education Association of PA-
-Educator of the Year-

“…his objective is not to teach them “what to think” but “how to think.”
-Winner of 2012 Juvenile Detention Center Association of PA-
-Educator of the Year-

“Joe has the energy and enthusiasm…to engage, enlighten, and entertain all at once.”
-Winner of the 2007 Award of Excellence-

Joe’s programs are multisensory experiences that have dynamic presentation elements and unique ways of delivering a message.  He reinforces research and teaching strategies with humor, audience participation, and magic. 

A Mindcheck Motivation program will deliver the following results:

-Teachers will be empowered so that their students can reach their full potential
-Teachers will think “outside of the book”  to engage all learners and learning styles
-Teachers will expect and receive more out of the supposedly “unreachable” students

In education, teachers do the IMPOSSIBLE every day.  Teachers have the power to INFLUENCE our youth beyond their wildest dreams.  Mindcheck Motivation ENERGIZES audience members to examine themselves and the POWER they have to change lives.  

The perception we, as educators, have of ourselves, our jobs, and our students dictates our overall success as professionals.

Contact Joe today to discuss how he can make your next event an unforgettable learning experience. 
E-mail: joe@mindcheckmotivation.comTelephone: 412-554-2377